What We Learned in the Pandemic

I write this cautiously as the Pandemic is not over. But through the nearly 5 months that we have experienced this cataclysmic change in our lives that we owe to COVID-19, there is much that we have learned.  Before the Pandemic, there was a great deal of concern about lack of engagement, and the dreaded … Continue reading What We Learned in the Pandemic

The Boy in Room 625

Walking with quick, short steps, I tried my best to keep up with the attending and fellow as we walked into room 625. I had already learned that this attending did not want medical students leading the conversations with our oncology patients, so I stayed in the back of the group. As we entered the … Continue reading The Boy in Room 625


My patient calls me a ‘hero’ for being ‘on the frontline’ but really I’m an imposter, just the ‘firstline’ in the healthcare system. In this COVID-19 battle I’m a bullet sponge  for my patients’ surplus emotions. Did you know  there is an ICD-10 code for “Worried well”? Every visit now includes a COVID primer; it … Continue reading Heroics

Journeying to a Time of Death

Her belly hurt, and I didn’t know why. “Ms. Murray” had been admitted to the ICU two weeks prior with influenza and pneumonia. She was so sick and septic, that she ultimately required 20 liters of fluid, steroids, pressors, antibiotics. But somehow she had made it through. We had diuresed her of all that fluid, … Continue reading Journeying to a Time of Death

Race, Privilege, and Covid-19

A great despair has settled into my soul. Fury brews in my belly, threatening to boil over. I am angry about Race and Privilege and Coronavirus. I hesitate to put words on the page. The topic of race and privilege is so sensitive, and the worry about saying the wrong thing and offending others looms … Continue reading Race, Privilege, and Covid-19

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