Journeying to a Time of Death

Her belly hurt, and I didn’t know why. Ms. Murray had been admitted to the ICU two weeks prior with influenza and pneumonia. She was so sick and septic, that she ultimately required 20 liters of fluid, steroids, pressors, antibiotics. But somehow she had made it through. We had diuresed her of all that fluid, … Continue reading Journeying to a Time of Death

Race, Privilege, and Covid-19

A great despair has settled into my soul. Fury brews in my belly, threatening to boil over. I am angry about Race and Privilege and Coronavirus. I hesitate to put words on the page. The topic of race and privilege is so sensitive, and the worry about saying the wrong thing and offending others looms … Continue reading Race, Privilege, and Covid-19

We all are essential

Not sure how many have seen the movie Contagion – the 2011 Steven Soderbergh film about a pandemic that spreads from bats to pigs to humans in Asia and spreads around the world. It certainly was a little ahead of its time and quite accurate. There is a scene mid-movie where the character played by … Continue reading We all are essential

Black Lives Will Always Matter

Content warning: police violence and racial violence. George Floyd was murdered by the police on May 25th. George Floyd was murdered by the police on May 25th while the officer’s colleague watched. George Floyd was murdered by the police on May 25th and we watched it happen on Facebook.   I sit with the privilege … Continue reading Black Lives Will Always Matter

Reflections from the DCU Center

After being pulled from our final third year rotations and somewhat precipitously being placed into a two-week pandemic curriculum in its stead, I thought about what my next move would be. The uncertainty of the year ahead in the wake of the COVID from that point in March was as salient as it is now. … Continue reading Reflections from the DCU Center

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