Don’t Mess with Mrs. Hirsh

I buried my 96 year old mother Lisl Zuckerbacker Hirsh after a short hospitalization for a neurodevastation event last week. The support I have gotten since her passing has been wonderful. Friends, colleagues, and strangers have deluged me with condolences, cards, texts, flowers and donations in her name. I am so grateful for all these … Continue reading Don’t Mess with Mrs. Hirsh


This year many hands have reached out to grab my mine. “Thank you” says one patient. “You’re going to be a great doctor” says a second. “Am I going to be okay?” says a third. Having started my clinical rotations in a time of “social distancing,” both inside the hospital and out, physical touch that … Continue reading Hands

reflections on a new garment

My short white coat is too big. I thought it might be the right size– ButThe sleeves, too longThe pockets, emptyAnd I’m never sure how many buttons to button. When ordering it, I struggled to fill inthe name abovethe left side pocket.Surely not the same name I’ve carried with methe name of my childhoodthe name … Continue reading reflections on a new garment

When a Man Loves a Woman

When a man loves a woman he places a wedding band on trembling anticipating fingers Now thirty years ago… confetti, white veils and silk Now, the same wedding band swallowed by edema lies resting, trembling with fear and exhaustion, on a white bed Her fingertips slowly turning a dusky gray fading as dawn shades the … Continue reading When a Man Loves a Woman

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