What is The Interstitium?

The Interstitium serves as a multimedia, online home for the University of Massachusetts Medical School community members to reflect on their experiences.

In the English language, an interstice is a “space that intervenes between things,” serving as a “gap or break in something generally continuous.”  In the body, the interstitium is a fluid-filled space between physiological barriers that is connected throughout the body. While the full extent of its functions are still being determined, recent research suggests the interstitium likely serves as a shock absorber to protect tissues from daily functions, a means of transport for cells of the immune and lymphatic systems, and a body-wide communication network. In no small way, interstices–both tangible and intangible–power our resilience by inviting us to pause and process, to digest.

We hope this site serves as a similar space for pausing and processing amidst the grind of long study days or buzz of a busy clinic. And we hope this space supports, nourishes, and connects you with members of the community.

The Interstitium was started in 2019 by University of Massachusetts medical student Marya Pulaski as her Capstone project under the mentorship of Dr. Hugh Silk.

Please share your insights, questions, and experiences with TheInterstitiumUMassMed@gmail.com and feel free to comment on existing posts.

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