Seasons of COVID: A Third Year Reflection

Spring 2020 wasstanding in my kitchen rinsing dishesasking my roommate:How long do you think this will all last?It was the last week of February, and we had no ideawhat we were in for -- her boyfriend admiringour serendipitous toilet paper subscription arrival mid-March:48 rolls, have you considered selling some of this?It was overnighting a COVID … Continue reading Seasons of COVID: A Third Year Reflection


This year many hands have reached out to grab my mine. “Thank you” says one patient. “You’re going to be a great doctor” says a second. “Am I going to be okay?” says a third. Having started my clinical rotations in a time of “social distancing,” both inside the hospital and out, physical touch that … Continue reading Hands


You won’t know when it starts, becomes too much at once, Words keep rushing forward, images, questions, content. They’ll speak the truths you try not to acknowledge That it might not work, but it has to in the end. You may even cry at a counter where they’re trying to cook dinner, Keep working, breathing, … Continue reading Bend